Comprehensive Community Assessment

Comprehensive Community Assessment

1.Identification of 2 Social Determinants of Health in your chosen community.
2. Identification of 2 health care disparities and the vulnerable populations affected in your chosen community.
3. Analysis of relevant health statistics related to both identified health care disparities
A Community Diagnosis that identifies one community health problem.
1. Summarize the key points of your analysis and note important or unexpected findings.
2. Discuss the relationship between the identified health behaviors and the health status in the community.
3.Describe the leading health issues in the community. Identify what the community is doing to address these issues.

Concluding Statement

Describe the impact of your findings. Provide a concluding sentence that explains the significance of your findings.

Sources of data can be found in the health data link in the NUR448 Community Health Assessment Library Course Page. (Links to an external site.) Also, review the Community Tool Box on this page to analyze community problems.
Chapter 18
1.Windshield Survey Table download
2.Secondary Data Table download
3.Health Data (Links to an external site.)
4.City Data (Links to an external site.)
5.Census Data (Links to an external site.)
6.County Health Rankings & Roadmaps (Links to an external site.): (Remember to select a state or county)
7.State and County Quick Facts (Links to an external site.): (Select a state, county, city, town, or zip code)
8.US Census Bureau: Community Facts (Links to an external site.): Your own state, county, and community may also have data

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