companies support of ethical behavior

companies support of ethical behavior

How does ethics differ from corporate social responsibility?

2. What is a conflict of interest?

3. How do companies support ethical behavior?

4. How are businesses responding to the environmental issues facing society?

5. What is identity theft, and what responsibilities do businesses have to prevent it?

Questions for Analysis

  • 6. Why can’t legal considerations resolve every ethical question?
  • 7. How do individuals employ philosophical principles in making ethical business decisions?
  • 8. Why does a company need more than a code of ethics to be ethical?
  • 9. Why is it important for a company to balance its social responsibility efforts with its need to generate profits?
  • 10.Ethical Considerations. Is it ethical for companies to benefit from their efforts to practice corporate social responsibility? Why or why not? How can anyone be sure that CSR efforts aren’t just public relations ploys?

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