Community Partnership

Community Partnership.
|Community Partnership | No one can deny the importance of the role of humanity partnership. Everyone in this community have to participate in education. Since we live in the age of globalization, the education has become a must in the shelter of modernism and deep-rooted heritage. This will be an expression of the genuine Egyptian society and character as well. There are many factors tat can affect the educational system in a given community, amongst we have • The teacher: He is considered the corner-stone of the process.
He is the bearer of the prophets’ treatise and the generation creator. In addition, he is the hope of the nation in bringing up a promising generation able to achieve its target within a bright future with exertion and endowment. There should be healthy, culture, social and professional welfare for the teacher. Teacher should contact with students, other teachers, and with the community out side the school. This will help him fulfill his national duty and go on well towards achieving noble targets. The student (the raw material): the promising student should be creatively manipulated. He is required to be participant not recipient, communicative not fanatic, alert not subtle. The community is in need of a student who can affect and be affected by the environment. Along with the global trait prevailing nowadays, there is no room for a flabby student. • The parents (sponsors): generally speaking, the parental role can’t be done away with. This role can be extended to be supervisory, financial or supplementary in decision making.
Parents also can give a hand in pastoral care at school. Their proposals should be taken into consideration. There are also some sub-factors within the frame of community partnership such as; the educational institution, the environment, potential, curriculum, self –autonomy, etc. To around up, if the elements mentioned above are collaborated, we can reach a promising entity of the educational process. Community partnership is calling for decentralization in education which, in turn, is a mainstay of national security and orientation for what is better.

Community Partnership

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