Part 2:  Comment to Peer’s Blog Post — “Editing Proposal” (target 250 words) — DUE BY 11:59 PM (SD TIME) SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9th(Note, you are receiving a full week to complete your Comment)
Read through your peers’ posts and select one to comment upon (try to select a peer who hasn’t received a comment).  For your comment, you’ll propose your Editing Plan for your peer’s story: your approach to how you believe the film should be edited.  This is a written proposal. (target 250 words; no penalty for going over, but keep your work close to the target)
Consider carefully the three responsibilities of the editor.  You should specify in your Editing Plan:

How the film will begin (e.g. “we fade in slowly…”) and end (e.g. “fast fade out)
The specific transitions (e.g. dissolves, cuts)
Include at least one Match Cut (these are explored in your reading and in the RocketJump Film School video “Cuts and Transitions 101” available in our Weekly Assignments for Editing).
This is a story told in three scenes.  Focus your plan on the transitions between the major scenes (as presented by your peer).
Briefly but clearly justify your choices.
Value the intention and vision of your peer based on their presentation.

What if you post your comment at the same time as someone else? 
It can happen.  If it does, you can keep your posted comment and receive credit, as long as you make sure your comment is not using the same editing plan used by the other peer who posted their comment before yours.  If your comment uses the same editing plan as the other comment, then you’ll need to edit or repost with a different editing plan.  Post early and you’re less likely to run into this obstacle.
How to insert an image in your Blog Post:

After you click “Create Blog Entry”, you’ll be in your entry frame “Blog Entry Information”.
The tool bar above the text field may be a single row or triple row of tools… at the right end of the tools, you’ll see an arrow direction sign pointing up or down.  Click the arrow to make sure it’s pointing up, revealing the triple row of tools.
On the third row of tools, you’ll see several tools on left for adding YouTube, file, “insert/edit image”, and media.  Select “insert/edit image” to add the image you’ve found.  Please give the image a description when prompted. After adding your text comment and posting “Post Entry”, your image should be uploaded and revealed within your blog entry.

BLOG GRADING:  75 points (50 points for initial Blog Post, 25 points for comment on Peer’s Blog Post)
Your points are based on:

Addressing the topic and subtopics
Posting both parts of the assignment (Blog Post and Comment on Peer’s Blog Post)
Inserting the three images so that we see them without having to click to open them

Your Blog Post “A Story in Three Scenes” is due by 11:59 pm (San Diego Time) on Sunday, December 2nd, and Comment “Editing Plan” are due by 11:59 pm (San Diego Time) by Sunday, December 9th (Note, you are receiving a full week to complete your Reflection/Comment. Read the guidelines carefully to receive full points)

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