commemorative speech

select of this topic and follow the outline
1, The declaration of indepedence
 2, love and loyalty
  3, Gay marriage
   4, Honesty
   5, dedication
   6 freedom


Commemorative Speech OutlineDescription for Speech 1 Ceremonial Speech Time: 2–3 minutes
The content of this speech should be a fictional speech of introduction, toast, or eulogy concerning an individual or individuals with whom the audience is familiar. Choose a person to speak about (e.g., a historical figure, a current film or television star, a person in the class), and construct a speech that discusses his or her qualifications or positive personal qualities. The goal is to learn how to (1) adopt a topic to your audience,(2) use a clear presentational pattern,(3) present an extemporaneous speech, and (4) formulate a key-word outline (which you will turn in to your instructor before you give your speech). You must:• conduct an audience analysis in order to understand the audience’s interests • provide an introduction to gain the audience’s attention and a clear, relevant statement of purpose • use a clear organizational pattern that allows the audience to follow your speech (follow your key-word outline) • provide closure and leave the audience with information that is interesting examples of Topics• speech of introduction for the president of the United States • toast at the wedding of two well-known television stars • eulogy for a famous historical figure hints: Remember, this speech can mix factual events with fictional events. Be creative! Make sure that you focus on the interesting aspects of your speech topic. Do not merely provide a list of the events or achievements. Create a vivid and memorable image that will be interesting to the audience.
Outline Worksheet for Ceremonial Speech 1
Specific Purpose:
Thesis Statement: Introduction
I. Attention-getter:
II. Establishment of ethos:
III. Thematic statement:
IV. Preview (each main point):
First …Next …Finally …(Transition)Body
I. Main idea 1 (narrative/story)(Internal summary) (Transition to conclusion)II.
Main idea 2 (significance of narrative)(Internal summary) (Transition to conclusion)Conclusion
I. Summary:
II. Review (each main point):
III. Tie to the introduction:
IV. Creative concluding thought (end with impact):

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