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This  option allows you to choose from a selection of several chapters of  books by scholar Deborah Tannen that are available electronically from  the APUS library. As with the other option, your paper should be at  least five pages (roughly 1,250 words) in length. Additional sources or  references are not required for this assignment, but if you quote,  paraphrase, or summarize a source (including the reading or the text),  you must document it following APA format. 
These  are the questions/points to ponder that you can use to develop your  reaction paper, but feel free to ask yourself additional questions.  Remember that this paper should give your reaction to what you have  read, meaning you may agree, disagree, or both. However, you cannot  merely say you agree. You must explain why clearly.
1. After reading the selection you have chosen, think about either your  own situation that reflects the subject of the reading or about  situations with which you are familiar, or both. You should not use full  names or real people, please! It is preferable to give people aliases  rather than use their names.
2. Outline some of the characteristics of the communication situations described and analyzed in the reading.
3.  Did you identify with the people and situations in the selection? How?  If not, how do you engage differently in interpersonal communication in  similar situations to the ones described and analyzed?
4. After reading the selection, what knowledge did you gain about interpersonal communication in general

Here is the selection of readings:
Conversational Style: Analyzing Talk Among Friends
Deborah Tannen
Read Chapters Two, Three, and Four
This is the reading u need to scan over and answer the questions above


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