Colombus Day

Justice, pride, and arrogance lie and when they are crossed; however, humane treatment and respect – whether that be self- respect or respect for others – Is black and white. Columbus day Is a holiday In which Americans celebrate a man who Is not even an American, but better yet the Spanish- acclaimed Viceroy and Governor of the Indies and Admiral of the Seas who overpowered and subjected a whole land of natives to succumb to his rule, follow his logon and traditions, and be brutally beat while being forced Into slavery.
Although his ability to assume power and Instill fear Into these people so quickly may be admirable, he Is not a figure that deserves the respect of Christian Americans, or let alone any Americans: and only deserves to be “honored” In a day of mourning. To begin with, Christopher Columbus sailed into this land and was greeted with kindness and peace by the natives, in which he returned with the order of the kidnapping of six natives to be his servants. Columbus simply saw these indigenous people as an obstacle in his pursuit of riches and glory, and treated them as such.
The natives did have their practices of violence and brutality in which other humans were sacrificed to their native Gods or means of punishment were rather severe, but this did not beckon or welcome the brutality inculcated by Christopher Columbus and the rest of his team. Even more interestingly, Columbus’ writings back to Spain made himself sound very respectful and appreciative of the Indians; however, after rather inspection, Columbus’ malice shows through even what appears to be kindness and gratuity.

In his log kept about the New World, he writes that these indigenous people are of the kindest, best people, and that he told his men to take nothing from them without giving them something in return. This, at first glance, seems like an exhibit of kindness, yet the Spaniards never gave back anything of equal value to the Indians. Columbus discusses how he would receive very gracious, generous gifts from the indigenous people -knowing and acknowledging that they ere very poor people-, and return it with a gift of no more value than that of a penny.
In continuation, it is highly hypocritical that Christopher Columbus had viewed their practices of religion as malicious and Inappropriate for a civilization, then forced Christianity upon them with Inhumanity and savagery. This Is baffling because the Spaniards are going Into this foreign world Introducing a concept of a loving and benevolent God as they simultaneously kill these people and cut off their feet all for the glory of this mysterious supposedly-awesome God.
As Christians, they are commanded by God to love others as you love yourself and to reflect a level of Jesus’ kindness when they Instead they reflected the greed, hatred, and self- righteousness of the devil. So, not only were his actions directly affecting these natives lives, but also the appearance of Charlatanry as a whole. Columbus’ take on Christianity and God actually intensifies the inhumanity and violence caused against as an excuse to execute all heathens; indigenous people.
However, in reality, he was imply slaughtering thousands of innocent people who did nothing wrong except for having contrasting opinions with that of the intruding Spaniards. In conclusion, from the day that Columbus arrived to the New World, he treated the people with nothing but dignity and self-pride. Although he did “discover” the land that would later become America, he is only responsible for the deaths, severe mistreatment, and forced enslavement of multiple indigenous people. Columbus Day should be recognized as a day of mourning for the unwarranted brutality suffered by unexciting natives of the land.

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