Collaborative writing activity

Collaborate with your team to plan a meeting agenda for the monthly staff meeting of one team member’s organization. The agenda should include routine agenda items and should also include a workplace issue that will be addressed at the staff meeting.
Discuss with your team in the Discussion area.

What typical agenda items do you cover in your current and/or past staff meetings?
If you have not attended a staff meeting before, what do you think should be covered in a regular staff meeting?
Explain what agenda items you would like to cover in your current and/or past staff meetings and why?
What are some action items that may arise from a typical staff meeting? Are you assigned or have you been assigned action items after attending staff meetings?
What role do you play in your staff meetings? Do you assist in the planning process? Do you take minutes?

Post one original post to address the above bullet points.
Reply to at least one team member’s post and contribute potential agenda items and the rationale for the agenda items.
Examine the agenda illustrated in Figure 2.2. 
Examine guidelines for collaborative writing.

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