Coca Cola Company Industry and Competitive Analysis

Jan Bernadette Balingit’s Autobiography Hi! My name is Jan Bernadette Tolentino Balingit,I was born on December 08 1999. My favorite color is violet and my favorite cartoon character is Hello Kitty. I am the only one girl between my two brothers. And I live in Sisiman, Mariveles, Bataan. And I’m taking schooling at Bepz Multinational School. And I want to play all day but not always because I want to first my study. I’m 13 yrs. old now. When I grow up I want to be an Optometrist like my mother, because I want to be like her.
To be an Optometrist, I will finish first my study because when I will not finish my study I will not be an Optometrist. I’m nearer and nearer to that stage because I’m Grade 6 now. And I will introduce to you my FAMILY members: Maria Victoria T. Balingit-Mother, Benny Balingit – Father, John Benedict T. Balingit – Older brother, John Vincent T. Balingit – Younger brother. My very memorable experience is when we go to Enchanted Kingdom with my family especially me.
And after we eat there we make “Gala” then we decided to take a ride in the rides named “Space Shuttle” we fall in line there in about 25 minutes. Then when it’s our turn we sits at the middle seats. And when the rides start moving we all get nervous and when we go down from the rides we all get dizzy. And my dad searching for a nurse to get our blood pressure we need to take a rest first. And when the nurse is there to get our blood pressure my mother’s blood pressure is the highest blood pressure at all. Project In English Submitted To: Fatima Acuna Submitted By: Jan Bernadette T. Balingit

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