Minimum of 800 words excluding the reference 

Your Final Exam consists of 2 essay questions with two parts based on the material learned in the last 8 weeks.  

Each essay response is to be a minimum of 800 words excluding the reference listing.

Direct quotes are not to be used in test answers.

Answers are to be consistent with the college level writing and supported by a minimum of 2 peer reviewed, up-to-date, scholarly sources. The essays must be written in 6th edition APA format and include in text citations to credit your sources.

In at least  800 words, answer the following questions. Peer reviewed, scholarly sources and in text citations are required. Direct quotes are not permitted.

1. Discuss the factors used by burglary suspects to target victims as well as current study data pertaining to burglary offender’s gender, age, and motivation.

2. Discuss in detail databases that assist in identifying burglary suspects and linking them to multiple crimes.

References to use

Dahl, L. C., Brimacombe, C. A. E., & Lindsay, D. S. (2009). Investigating investigators: How presentation order influences participant–investigators’ interpretations of eyewitness identification and alibi evidence. Law and Human Behavior, 33(5), 368-380. doi:
Kramarienko, V. (2011). Errors that occur during the preliminary investigation: The essence, nature and types. Internal Security, 3(1), 193-205. Retrieved from
Mancini, D. E. (2013). The “CSI effect” in an actual juror sample: Why crime show genre may matter. North American Journal of Psychology, 15(3), 543-564. Retrieved from
Vecchi, G. M., (2010). Principles and approaches to criminal investigation, part 4. Forensic Examiner, 19(1), 10-15. Retrieved from

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