Climates, Responses, and Dynamics of Communication Presentation

Climates, Responses, and Dynamics of Communication Presentation.  

Observe a small group or team–such as an office team, sports team,  work environment, church group, family gathering, hobby group, or  support group–and take copious notes regarding the interactions and  communication dynamics you observe. The observation should be 30 minutes  in length.

Prepare, submit, and present at least a seven-slide PowerPoint® presentation  (not including your reference slides), in which you assess the  interactions and dynamics within the communication climate you observed.  Additionally, include speaker notes in your presentation, recorded  speaker notes in lieu of written speaker notes are acceptable. 
Describe the following concepts:

Supportive and defensive communication climates
Confirming and disconfirming responses
Active listening
Nonverbal dynamics

In addition to your assessment, answer the following questions:

What types of verbal and nonverbal dynamics were there? Explain.
What behavior indicated a supportive or defensive communication climate? Why?
What types of confirming or disconfirming responses did you witness? How did they contribute to the cohesiveness of the group?
What types of barriers or indicators to effective listening occurred? Why were they a barrier or indicator?

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Climates, Responses, and Dynamics of Communication Presentation