classroom interactions 2

step 1.  Describe how a positive or negative climate could contribute or detract from the teacher’s ability to fulfill the purpose of encouragement, to create a sense of belonging for all children.  Which quality of a high positive climate (CLASS Manual, p. 23) would you want to improve first in your own classroom environment and how would you use this quality to promote encouragement towards your students. 
 Page 23 is attached and reference is ( Pianta, R. C., M., L. P. K., & Hamre, B. K. (2008). Classroom assessment scoring system manual, pre-K. Charlottesville, VA: Teachstone Training, LLC. ) 
Chapters 2 and 6. book reference ( Bailey, B. A. (2014). Conscious discipline: building resilient classrooms Expanded & Updated. Oviedo, FL: Loving Guidance. )

Step 2.  A separate document from step 1. 
 Please submit your Reading Log with a two-paragraph summary and two paragraph reflection on the reading assignment for this week (chapters 2 and 6). Clearly label your Summary and Reflection with headings.  In your Summary each week, provide a review of the key points in the reading this week. In the Reflection, provide your own analysis of the material and any insight and conclusions you developed from your in-depth examination of this week’s readings. The reading log sample format is attached below. Please make sure you use citations from the book. 

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Song of Myself

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Debate Analysis

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