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class 4.1

class 4.1.  
Note: Throughout the course you will be using Practice Labs for hands-on experience. Before beginning the Practice Labs module, please review the following:

The Lab Diagram of the hardware you will use in this module uses a naming convention. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the naming convention for this module to keep track of the hardware you are using. Here is a breakdown of the naming convention:

PLAB – Practice Labs
DC – Domain Controller
GW – Gateway
WIN7 – Windows 7

This modules uses Wireshark to analyze traffic through some of the common ports. In Week Two, you started working with this tool. This week you can practice in order to feel more comfortable with this tool that you will use in your upcoming security course.

Complete the module “Understanding Common Ports and Protocols” in the Practice Labs course “CompTIA Security+.”
Capture screenshots after each Wireshark capture. Paste screenshots in a Word document.
Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

class 4.1

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