Civilian Vigilance not Gun Politics Lessons from Monterey Park

Civilian Vigilance not Gun Politics Lessons from Monterey Park



Civilian Vigilance not Gun Politics Lessons from Monterey Park. If I had a penny for every time a deranged soul or vengeful American went on a shooting spree, I would probably be on my fifth mimosa. But before I go on that imaginary drinking spree, word is that a 72-year-old man just shot dead 11 people leaving scores injured while at it. The event, occurring in just under 24 hours in Los Angeles, was neutralized by a concerned citizen who successfully disarmed the culprit. That’s it. My point exactly. Maybe all America needed was civilian vigilance, and we’ve been getting it wrong all this time. Had the Good Samaritan been there on time, he would have been better placed to save a few more lives. Creating a vibrant civilian base is our last hope since the war on guns is already lost.




Second Amendment, a Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Civilian Vigilance not Gun Politics Lessons from Monterey Park. When our founding fathers jotted down only the binary amendment to our beloved constitution, they envisioned the need to have “a well-regulated militia” as necessary for the security of the Free State. And I genuinely believe they were on to something because – let’s face it – we were in the middle of a revolution. Unfortunately for us is that nearly a quarter millennia later, we are stuck suffering the fruits of the poisonous tree; we are only too happy to abuse the Second Amendment as an excuse for us to shoot each other. So now we are a trigger-happy nation, perhaps the only consistent thing about being American.


If the past zillion years are anything to go by, we must not rely on Congress to fix our gun violence problem. Those folks are incapable of coming up with ‘commonsense’ solutions to serious issues. Our good old conservatives are more interested in campaign checks from the gun lobby, while their liberal counterparts complain and play blame games. We are a society that worries more about not harming fetuses, yet we allow them to be shot at in schools after they are born. So we have a society in free fall, yet gun violence has become a partisan political issue instead of a public safety issue amid all the backlash in Congress.

Towards More Proactive Measures to Curb Gun Violence

We’ve seen this dance before; we click our tongues and send outpouring sympathies to the victims and bereaved Americans after every fatal shooting incident. Yet we never really do anything about it. We are simply indifferent. That culture of indifference needs to be replaced by a vibrant public. Citizens on the lookout. With the help of surveillance, authorities will be able to detect suspicious activities and be better prepared to intervene with the help of civilians. The history books might not document this, but Brandon Tsay is an American hero. He singlehandedly disarmed the shooter saving more lives. That is the most important lesson from the Monterey shooting. We need to take matters into our own hands.


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