Cities vs Suburb

August 10, 2010 Cities VS Suburbs There many opinions about cities and suburbs. What are the differences between them? I have lived in Richmond, KY for a year. It is a very small, county place. Then I have been living in Elizabeth, NJ for 2 years. It is not big like New York. I can come to some difference between cities and suburbs. For example, these differences between cities and suburbs are attractions, density of population and their environment. Cities offer a massive amount of attraction. Cities are the principal edge of what is happening.
For example, in New York City we can find the best and the most extensive museums, theaters, concert halls. Also we have a wide choice of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. New York City is a city that never sleeps. If you want dinner at 11:00, you can find a wide range of restaurants open until late hours. On the contrary, Suburbs are places where you can’t the same amount of attraction as in the cities, but you can get pleasure from the environment such as forests, animals, parks, and tourist places.
For example, I liked Kentucky because I traveled across it. I will never forget when I went to this place called Cumberland Fall, also known as the Little Niagara, or the Niagara of the South. It is a large waterfall on the Cumberland River in southeastern Kentucky where you can see a rainbow every full moon. In conclusion cities have more attraction than the cities Another difference between cities and suburbs is the density of population.

Cities have a mass transit of people that may be convenient, but it’s hardly private. Neighbors can easily look in the windows of buildings across the street. Also, Cities have a lot of traffic because of the density of population. Traffic and finding a park are always problematic during the work day because of the amount of people in the cities. For example, in New York City is a very crowd city where you can find many tourists everywhere. On the other hand, the suburbs are less crowed than the cities.
Additionally to less population, suburbs have long distance between places, and its roads are bigger than the city roads; consequently, there is not much traffic, and we don’t feel the big mass of population. To sum up density of population is a big variety between cities and suburbs. Other different between cities and suburbs is their environment. The cities have a very noisy environment. For the same reason you can get dinner at 11:00 PM, the city is very rowdy at 11:00 PM.
Police sirens and fire truck horns are amplified, and you can hear them all night. There isn’t any quiet in the city; you can hear what’s going on in the apartment beside you, above you, and below you, and they can hear you. However, in the suburb you can hear the sound of the nature, such as birds, wind, and trees, and it stimulates you. For instance, in the suburb we have many family that need to get the kids off to school, have late night dinners, and many other activities during the day that midnight jazz don’t do much for them.
For example, when I was in Kentucky I loved to go to the park and just sit in the grass and listen to the wind. All in all cities are more rowdy than the suburb In conclusion, my experience in both places helped me to create criteria about the differences between the cities and the suburbs. Attraction, density of population and environment are some of the different between cities and suburbs. I prefer to live in the suburbs where you can be safe and have peace of mind, without a big population and traffic.

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