CIT 249

No plagiarism,  No work previously given to another student, and no copyrighted images.

In Weeks Two, Four, and Five you will compile a Training Guide for the new interns on your network team.

Ch. 22, “Variable-Length Subnet Masks”
Figure 22-4, “VLSM Design with Possible Overlap”
Table 22-3, “Subnet IDs and Broadcast Addresses, in Numerical Order, from Figure 22-4 ”
Figure 22-5, “Internetwork to Which You Need to Add a /23 Subnet, Network”
Table 22-5, “First Five Possible /23 Subnets”
Table 22-6, “Existing Subnet IDs and Broadcast Addresses from Figure 22-5”
Your Learning Team collaboration from this week

Recently, two new interns have joined your network team. They are having a hard time testing to see if there is overlap in a VLSM scheme on your network and troubleshooting problems that arise. They are also unsure how to add a new subnet to an existing network. You are tasked with helping them, so you decided to create a Training Guide for them using a PowerPoint®presentation that shows the step-by-step processes for adding a new subnet as described in Ch. 22.
Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation containing 14 to 16 slides, including Introduction, Conclusion, and Reference slides. Includedetailedspeaker notes with each slide. The presentation should include:

A concise overall description of an IPv4 based WAN
An accurate depiction of how to calculate a subnet ID and subnet broadcast address
A clear explanation of how to test for overlap in a VLSM scheme and troubleshoot issues that may arise from the overlap
A complete step-by-step illustration of how to add a new subnet

All references need to adhere to APA guidelines, and images should not be copied unless author permission is obtained or copyright free images are used.

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