“Well done is better than well said.” – Ben Franklin
Skills are valuable tools to have. They show that we have the particular ability to do something-and do it well. Having skills in Microsoft Office will help you, both personally and professionally. The skills that you take away from this course will give you the ability to construct necessary documents, worksheets, and presentations with greater ease.

Explain any terminology, features, or tasks that may have been new to you. If the information was not new to you, explain features or skills that you built upon in this course. Do you feel your skills have gotten stronger using these products?
Describe when or where you could utilize integration of these Microsoft Office products. Specify a scenario in which you feel integration would be beneficial.
Describe at least one learning task that you may have encountered in this course. Make sure you explain how you overcame your problem(s). What did you find helpful? Feel free to state if you need further explanation on any topic covered in this course.

Response Format

Support your answers with at least one credible source.  Please use the ECPI Online Library, and your textbook to conduct your research.
Use in-text citations and a reference list in your responses using APA format.
Your response should demonstrate critical thinking and provide justification.

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