CIS 555 Discussion 1 and 2

Discussion 1
“Goal Types and Categories” Please respond to the following:
• Compare and contrast behavioral goal and soft goals. Provide four examples to support your points. 
• Propose five functional goals and five non-functional goals. Propose how you would determine if a goal should be classified under the functional category or the non-functional category.

Discussion 2
“Goal Model Building” Please respond to the following:
• The textbook provides fifteen heuristic rules, tips, and common refinement patterns that can be applied during the goal model building process. Suppose that you are building a goal model of a system you are designing. Propose three best practices for selecting one or more of the fifteen heuristic rules that apply to the building of a goal model.
• From the e-Activity, ( determine if you can you easily depict these AND/OR nodes on a goal diagram. Predict three challenges you foresee in using a graph-based diagram to model goals.

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2-Please answer based on these answers as they are listed, each one must be answered in APAform and not less than 150 words

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Humanities, World Cultures 1,

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