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Deliverable Length: 2 pages  
For this assignment, you will research and write an APA research paper about environmental policies, including the following:

Choose 1 U.S. environmental law. State the name of the law and the date the law was passed.

Summarize the major provisions of the law that you chose.

Describe the economic impact of the law. Provide specific economic data from credible references.

Has the law improved the environment or situation? Provide specific data from credible references.

Do you think that sound science has proven that global warming is a credible threat or not? 

Should the United States adopt additional policies or laws to curb greenhouse gas emissions? 

        What should these policies or laws regulate or encourage? 
        Use specific facts to defend your position. 

Information Literacy and Research: Student selects and uses high-quality, credible references relevant to the assignment questions. 
Sources are correctly cited using APA style: The paper follows APA format and includes a title page, abstract, body of paper, and reference list.

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