choice of food type remains to be an essential factor

choice of food type remains to be an essential factor in the field of nutrition. Choice of food and nutrition practices: many factors influence the eating patterns of people.Life course: life course help in giving introductions to nourishment decisions through present, past, and future encounters and parts. Influences: the influences in different options of food can provide mutual support that shapes one another.Ideals: the models in food choice within nutrition setting comprise of expectations, hopes, standards, and beliefs. Individual variables: For instance, for individual that try to maintain their healthy eating habits need to focus on their mood swings that affect their resolution

choice of food type

Identify the problem/issue/concept of your topic. In other words, what overall issue(s) are addressed in the resources you read about your topic? Include information about why it’s important to study this topic.
o Delineate the problem/issue/concept. In other words, say more about the topic (for example, cite statistics about the topic and who it affects and why). What do other people say about your topic?
o Identify additional aspects (features) of the topic, which may be related to the materials that you have read. Think outside the box. Are there interesting, compelling, obscure, or unusual aspects related to your topic? Including this information would help make your paper more interesting.
o Develop your own synthesis, discussion, and conclusions. In this section, write about what you think about the topic and why. Are the conclusions of the materials you read sound? Do you agree or disagree with the journals and other articles you read? Or, is there some doubt about what you read? Include any assumptions or inferences from what you read.
o Think about developing a section devoted to “Further Research.” In other words, indicate what additional research might be conducted by others to gain more knowledge about the topic that was not provided in the articles you read. What else needs to be done about the problem/topic/issue? Did the materials you read include enough participants? Was the methodology appropriate? Did the author(s) reach the correct conclusions? Do you trust the articles? What about the credibility of the sources you found and used? Are conclusions from the articles valid and reliable? Why or why not?
o Include a References Cited section at the end of your paper. Use American Psychological Association (APA) style in both the text of your paper and in the References Cited. Do not include any references in this section that were not “cited” in your paper.

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