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The report “Research Report on Automobile AS Stores in China Market” by China Research and Intelligence are now available at Aromatherapies. Com. With rapid economic development and the improvement of income per capita, automobile consumption in China has boomed in recent years and automobiles quickly become affordable consumer goods for ordinary families. In 2012, the automobile output volume in China was 19. 272 million, increasing by 4. 6% YOU. The sales volume was 19. 306 million, increasing by 4. % YOU. From 2009 to 2012, the automobile output volume and sales volume in China kept ranking the first in the oral. In 2012, the output volume and sales volume of passenger vehicles respectively reached 15. 5237 million and 15. 4952 million, increasing by 7. 2% and 7. 1% respectively over 2011. According to the current situation of automobile AS stores in China, there are two basic models. One is horizontal development. It is a multi-brand business model that can be easily seen in the same regional market.
This phenomenon is mainly caused by the fact that manufacturers seldom authorize the same distributor with more than two sales networks in the same region considering the network security, distributors’ trench and the management ability in region markets. The other is vertical development. It is a single-brand business model that can be commonly seen in different region markets. According to the development trend in recent years, automobile sale in China will gradually develop from scattered model to concentrated model. Buy a copy this report @ http://www. Aromatherapies. Com/contacts/purchase? Rename=98226.
At present, there are more than 30,000 automobile distributors in China. Automobile AS store model was introduced in the late 20th century and gradually became prevalent. The investment cost of an ordinary AS store is about CCNY 5 million at least in China. The number of AS stores exceeded 16,000 in Chinese market by the end of 2012, ranking the first in the world. Though “AS” is widely considered the most advanced automobile marketing model, not all of automobile types and brands are suitable for it. The number of automobile AS stores increased rapidly from 2008 to 2010 and the turning point appeared in 2011.

The profit of many AS stores begun declining and even at least 20% of them suffered deficit in 2012. Under such circumstance, the disadvantageous factor 0 the China Automobile AS Stores Market maintain the growth rate of over 10% in the coming years By willingness’s costs and labor costs all rose sharply. On the other hand, the sales volume of new automobiles kept declining due to the declining growth rate of automobile market and the concentrated sales network. So, standard high-cost AS stores will face unfavorable situation if keeping the model.
The profit of AS stores mainly comes from vehicle sales and after-sale services. Under the circumstance that the profit of vehicle sales keeps declining, the profit of after- sale services will naturally become a key business for AS stores. The profit model of AS stores also becomes changing. They Just depend not only on vehicle sales but also on component sales, automobile decoration, second-hand automobile sales, automobile finance businesses and automobile insurance businesses. Request sample for this report @ http://www. Aromatherapies. Com/contacts/ request-sample? Rename=98226.
By summarizing and analyzing the profit structures of automobile sales all over the world, it is found that vehicle sales accounts for 10%, after-sales services accounts for 50%, component sales accounts for 10% and second-hand automobile sales accounts for 20%. Vehicle sale occupies more than 50% of the total profit in China. At present, most automobile AS stores in China only pay attention to promoting automobile sales volume but neglect the management of after-sales services. Consequently, the general performance in improving customers’ satisfaction, strengthening after-sales services and technology is poor.
The competitions in automobile after-sales service market are mainly the competition between AS stores and professional maintenance enterprises. Services in AS stores are rather complete while services in professional maintenance enterprises are more convenient and cheaper. With the further maturing automobile sales market and narrowing differences of each brands, distributors will mainly get profit from after-sales services. So the important issues that many AS stores facing are to provide high-quality after-sales services, to improve customers’ satisfaction degree and to cultivate customers’ loyalty.
Request discount for this report @ http://www. Aromatherapies. Com/contacts/ discount? Rename=98226 . Aerosol is direct-Wisconsin products. In recent years, consumer markets develop rapidly, which brings great market demand in aerosol industry. With the continuous placement of national economy, people’s consumption level improved, life quality and spending habits changed and knowledge on aerosol products deepened. All of these will provoke the consumption and output volume of aerosol and China aerosol industry will enter a rapid development stage.
According to China Research and Intelligence, the annual output volume of aerosol will reach 3. 15 billion cans by 2017 and the annual per capita consumption will reach the world average.

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