Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie The Danger of a Single Story

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie The Danger of a Single Story. watch this video and record important/interesting things she says throughout the video. Include key quotes/phrases as well.
– this is opinionated. Not an essay. Put Bullet points.
– read in additional materials to fill out exactly how it’s supposed to be done. Fill it out exactly like the included sample. 

This books is a collection of short stories about Nigerians living both in and outside of Nigeria. The
characters struggle with identity and sexuality. The title of the book is a reference to Samuel Coleridge’s
“Rime of the Ancient Mariner” in which the old mariner is punishes by the rest of the ship and forced to
wear a giant bird, an albatross, around his neck to weigh him down and feel the guilt of what he has done.
The first story, “A Private Experience”, the main character is hiding out in a Muslim store during riots in
the area. She befriends the Muslim woman and they both fear they will never find their loved ones. She
helps heal the woman whose nipples are chafed from breastfeeding.
The story, “The Monday of Last Week”, Kamara comes to America and works as a nanny for a wealthy
family. She is asked to model for the mother of the household and becomes infatuated with her, to her
great shame for considering having relations with a woman, only to discover that the woman changes her
sexual tastes and forgets all about her.
“Jumping Monkey Hill” outlines the experiences of Ujunwa, a Nigerian creative writer at a writers’ retreat.
While there, she is sexually harassed by the white organizer and fights against his fetishization of her and
her culture.
(…continue on like this for the rest of the piece… )
Annotations of key quotes
“You wanted to feel disdain, to show it as you brought his order, because white people who liked Africa
too much and those who liked Africa too little were the same—condescending” (Adichie 48).
In this quote, Ujunwa recognizes that the white organizer was as equally racist as the people who had
nasty things to say about Africa. When she realizes this, she becomes disenchanted with the retreat and
increasingly hostile. This shows that stereotyping people, whether with good traits or bad traits, is a
(…continue on like this for another quote or two)
Read Rhetorically
The author is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a contemporary Nigerian writer best known for her first novel,
Purple Hibiscus, and Half of a Yellow Sun which was turned into a movie. She also has done several
TedTalk lectures and her voice was used on Beyonce’s song, “Flawless”

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