Children and family advocacy organization

children and family advocacy organization. In conjunction with the national survey of mental health service organizations (Schoenwald et al. this issue), a separate but complementary national survey was conducted of family advocacy, support and education organizations (FASEOs). Directors of FASEOs within the same localities as the mental health agencies responded to a survey and provided information in four areas: (1) structure and funding; (2) factors influencing advocacy decisions about children’s mental health; (3) types of services provided by FASEOs and factors perceived as related to improved outcomes; and (4) the types of working relationships between FASEOs and local mental health clinics

Proposal Assignment”. Mission Statement (separate page). Executive Summary. History of the organization. Purpose, population served, and geographic area
Programs offered
Key staff (include a description of 2 – 3 key positions and why these positions are important.)
Problem/Need Statement (for one program that the organization offers)
Nature and extent of the problem/need
Research on the problem (from your Unit 6 Assignment)
Impact of the need/problem on people/communities
How your organization can address the problem/need

Children and family advocacy organization

Discussion of the Budget (for the program that you are requesting to be funded)
List a minimum of three services/programs that you need funded. Include at least two items that you would include for each of the services/programs (i.e. personnel, travel costs, materials, supplies). You do not need to include an amount. You can list each item with bullet points. You should provide a short description of why that item would be included with the services/programs that you listed for the organization.
Sustaining Your Program
Discuss a minimum of two ways in which your program can be sustained beyond the grant period.
Appendix (each on a separate page)
Reference list (for sources used)
List of two potential grant sources for the program that you discussed: include name of grant source, website, and one-paragraph rationale

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