Child protection and well-being in Qatar

Child protection and well-being in Qatar. Qatar’s National Vision 2030 foresees social justice and equality for all men, women and children and places great importance on social and human development. Hence, Qatar places children at the center of its policy agenda and pays special attention to promoting child well-being. The attached presentation is written in Arabic about child protection and wellbeing in Qatar. It needs to be converted to a journal article style.

This below idea is the initial abstract (to be drafted – below is only the idea)
This article is to map the current status of child wellbeing and protection system n Qatar. The article provides a critical overview on all aspects related to child wellbeing in Qatar (Material wellbeing, health and safety, educational, family relations, education, behavior and risk, and subjective wellbeing). The article besides providing a statuesque on child wellbeing in Qatar, it provides legislative mapping and institutional setup analysis to highlight the gaps related to child protection in Qatar. The article ends up with concise policy recommendations to enhance child wellbeing and protection system in Qatar.

Please note that the paper has to start by a conceptual framework to provide understanding of what is child wellbeing (slide # 4 will give an idea), and what is child protection system (which is not in the presentation).

Child protection and well-being in Qatar

Then the paper will convert the factual information provided in the presentation into a written format with supported literature and proper citation.

The layout could be:
– Conceptual Framework
– That status of Child Wellbeing in Qatar (This section can be divided based into the subtitles in the presentation : Material wellbeing, health and safety wellbeing, educational wellbeing, family relations wellbeing, education wellbeing, behavioral wellbeing, and subjective wellbeing)
– The status of child protection in Qatar (Legislative framework, strategic framework, institutional framework)
– Recommendations

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