Child Development Project Pigged And Viscosity

Child Development Project Pigged and Viscosity believed that play gives children good practice in adult-like behaviors. Viscosity believes that various forms of play enables children to develop increasingly sophisticated ways of thinking about relationships between objects and what they mean. Pigged suggests that knowledge is the product of direct motor behavior.
For my project I observed my children playing the Nun card game. The age MIT on this game is 7+. My children that played it are 5 years old and 7 years old. I believe that the age limit could be moved to 5 years of age because my daughter by now knows her colors and numbers and can Identify what cards to be played. This game Includes counting, taking turns, patients, colors, numbers, and remembering and following rules.
I do not believe that there are any negative characteristics In regards to safety Issues of Nun unless your child Is smaller and puts the cards In heir mouth. This card came contributes to a child’s psychological and physical development by imitation. Once a child sees it played they imitate what has been done and repeats it. In Nun they have to remember to play by color and/or numbers. They need to be able to recognize the numbers that are played down and the colors that are being played.

I believe that Pigged and Viscosity would believe this game contributes to a child’s ability to master processing skills because they have to know heir colors and be able to match numbers with the cards that are played. They also need to be able to wait their turn and know what a reverse draw two and wild cards mean. They have to be able to distinguish the cause and effect relationship as to who turn Is when or what their next move with be. For later life this helps the children with taking turns. It also helps them learn their numbers and colors a little better. References

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