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If you have entered any of your lab data Incorrectly, please use the link below to send a request directly to your TA and Instructor’s email Inbox which Is monitored during normal school hours. Reset Data Request Tannest, your calculation is correctly You have not completed your assignment. Double check that you have completed EVERY question or essay. Click Here for next problem.
What are the hazards associated with sodium hydroxide (Noah) solution? Sodium hydroxide is toxic and corrosive burns and skin irritation can occur AAA. What burette reading should your record when the liquid level is as shown in Figurer? 3. 5 3. 44 0. 25 0. 5 there will be a color change 3. A student collected the following data in the laboratory: Mass flask (g) 52. 86 Mass flask and sample (g) 53. 46
Concentration of Noah solution (M) 0. 109 Initial burette reading (ml) Final burette reading (ml) 23. 75 a. What is the mass, in grams, of the sample (g) 0. 6 b. What volume, in liters, of Noah solution was used in the titration (L) 0. 101 0. 02328 0. 02322 0. 1 c. How many moles of Noah were used in the titration (moles) d. How many moles of ascorbic acid were neutralized (moles) e. How many grams of ascorbic acid is this (g) f. What is the mass percent ascorbic acid in the sample (%)

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