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 Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers’ posts with an analysis of their lists of preventative measures. Suggest any other strategies that you feel would be useful. Challenge your peers by taking a stance that is contrary to theirs and defending it. 

Kim Spiegel

 I would want my students to be honest when he comes to testing and assessments.  It doesn’t do anyone any good to cheat because then the assessments is not able to evaluate the student’s learning accurately.  I think that it is important to have a written policy that outlines what will happen if a student is caught cheating.  I think it needs to be formal so that students cannot say they never heard of such a thing if they are caught cheating.  I also think having students sign it would also help them to see how severe the consequences will be if caught cheating.  I also think such a thing needs to be talked about on the first day of class, so I would want to go over it m=with my students, so that they clearly understand and are able to ask questions.  Personally, I think different people handle situations differently.  Therefore, I believe that the instructor should have some say in what happens.  I know at many universities the school has a policy that teachers need to reinforce, so they do not have a lot of say in what happens if a student is caught cheating.  If I encountered a student cheating and that student has always been forthcoming, I would want to know the situation that led up to the academic dishonesty.  I believe everyone makes mistakes and or bad choices and if the student is able to learn from their mistake they may deserve a second chance.  If it has happened before then zero tolerance would be enforced by me. 

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