Changing in Becoming

Connect the developmental theory of Erick Erickson’s Psychosocial Stages to the narrative in Michelle Obama’s Becoming. By examining her narrative in Ch 5 & 6, the goal is to analyze where Erickson’s theories seem to hold true and where they may fall short. For this assignment it should be anywhere from: 500-1000 words, 
Part 1*:
In one to two paragraphs, create your own developmental theory of change for Michelle Obama’s narrative of adolescence and young adulthood in Becoming. How is she growing, changing, and learning as a person?
As she describes going to her new schools, encountering new groups of people, social contexts, and expectations – how does she make sense of her new situations?
Please use the following as guiding questions:
·  How does she change in these new situations?
·  How does she stay the same in these new situations?
·  Does her understanding of structures of society change as she encounters new experiences?

Part 2:
A. In one paragraph, please describe what Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development is, referencing each of the 8 stages. How does Erickson use stages as a way to describe individual development over the course of a lifetime?
B. In theory, the narrative in Michelle Obama’s Becoming, Ch 5 & Ch 6, would correspond to Erickson’s stages of “Adolescence” and “Young Adulthood.” In a final paragraph or two, please answer the following:
·  In what ways does her narrative seem to hold true to Erickson’s stages?
·  In what ways does her narrative make you question the “truth” of the stages?
·  Please consider – are all of the stages “resolved” in the way that Erickson suggests?


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