Changes in macroeconomic indicators relevance

Changes in macroeconomic indicators. Changes in macroeconomic indicators can often be of relevance to business and influence decision-making concerning a range of issues related to things like profit forecasts, expected sales growth, expansion plans, etc. Assume you are employed as a business analyst with a large Singaporean based multinational corporation that manufactures electronic products. Identify and discuss how each of the following macroeconomic issues may be relevant to the firm:

a) Rising unemployment in Singapore and other developed nations.

b) Depreciation of the Singapore dollar relative to other major currencies.

c) A major export market where electronic goods are sold experiences accelerating inflation.

d) Intellectual property (IP) protections are abolished.

At the end of your answer to Part 1 state the combined word count for sub-parts a,b,c and d. Your answer to Part 1 should not exceed 200 words.

Changes in macroeconomic indicators

All the calculations and workings must be shown and the diagrams must be well labelled. All the work should be done on Microsoft word which also includes the construction of the diagrams so that it can be edited by me once the work has been done. Where mathematical calculations are required you must state the equation used as well as each step in your calculations. Where diagrams are required, they must be fully labelled – all axis, lines, intercepts, equilibrium positions, etc.

Assignment is completely based on Macroeconomics. So it must be evaluated on the basis of Macroeconomics only.

Assignment template has been provided so kindly follow the template to structure the paper.

Answer the following questions:

a) Identify key assumption underlying Keynesian and Classical approaches to marcoeeocnomic analysis.

b) What differences emerge between Keynesian and Classical economists regarding understanding about the business cycle and how the economy should best be managed?

c) Present an argument where you express support for either a Keynesian approach OR a Classical approach. You should make a case in arguing for only ONE of these two different approaches. To support your argument draw on real world examples and/or evidence that you cite in your answer and include in the reference list at the end of your assignment.


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