This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.InstructionsGuidelines:

Choose a work of historical art you find profound on MET Museum website www.metmuseum.org. 
From the MET site go to ART tab on homepage which gives you a drop down menu. Select MET Collection. Type in keyword “Ceramics” in Search box in the MET Collection page. It will give you a filter choice that says “SHOW ONLY”. Here click box on “ARTWORKS WITH IMAGE” and this will yield a result of about 31,000 pieces of ceramic art in the MET collection. Take your time and choose one piece that you find compelling. This will be artwork #1.
Now spend some time locating a contemporary ceramic artist (any artist working after 1960) that derives direct influence formally or conceptually from your selected artwork #1. This chosen clay piece will be artwork #2. Your choice of artwork #2 does not have to be a famous or professional piece but they must use clay as part of their process. Their art must have some comparative similarities and you must point out where & why the two pieces connect to one another. You can use any search engine to search for a recent artist. Akar is a good website with contemporary clay creators  https://www.clayakar.com/pages/creators
This is a bullet point style synopsis and not a paper. You should include images of Artwork #1 and Artwork #2 as an attachment jpeg.
The paper should be one page single spaced. Page one will describe defining visual or conceptual attributes of Artwork #1 and Artwork #2 in order. (so half page explaining each piece individually for a total of one page). Page two will compare Artwork #1 and Artwork #2 and lay out where and why Artwork #2 is drawing inspiration from Artwork #1.
If you have to include more than one image for Artwork #2 to make the analysis feel free to do so.