cephalocaudal pattern of development

cephalocaudal pattern of development. What is a teratogen? What are some examples of a teratogen? What factors influence a teratogen? Perhaps you noticed in this unit that you, as an adolescent, are going through the most radical changes you will ever experience over such a short amount of timeРboth physically and mentally.  You also may have noticed that you are in the time of life that is sometimes characterized by dangerous behaviors, as well as habits which are forming now and will likely follow you throughout your life.

Proverbs was written as a book of advice to a young man, and contains much insight about life, behavior, attitudes, and habits.  This book is a good place for a young person to turn when confronted by difficult choices and confusing desires!  You may need to peruse through Proverbs, or you may already have a favorite– share one with the class (include the verse reference) and explain why you like it.

  • What is plasticity? How does it apply to development?
  • What is puberty? What changes occurs with puberty?
  • What is the cephalocaudal pattern of development? How does it differ from the proximodistal pattern of development?
  • What is development in the context of the life span?
  • What stage of the life span are you currently in? What are some of the developmental changes that occur during this stage of the life span?
  • How can the life span perspective help health science professionals learn more about health and wellness?
  • Development is a combination of genetics and environment. What are some environmental (or external to the human body) factors that influence development?
  • What are some of the developmental changes that children in early childhood experience?
  • What are some of the developmental changes that older adults experience?
  • Why is it useful for health science professionals to identify common illnesses, diseases, and developmental issues for a specific age group? Provide an example of how this can be helpful. (1 paragraph)
  • Thinking about some of the different forms of development that occur over the life span, what are some things that individuals can do to encourage positive growth and development? (1 paragraph)