Ccj V Privy Council

•? The creation of a new court is one of the most important decisions for Jamaica. Jamaican citizens have the right to appeal to the Privy Council in criminal, civil or Constitutional matters. • The Government of Jamaica proposes to take away your right of appeal to the Privy Council and replace it with a new court called the Caribbean Court of Justice • A process of public education and debate is essential and the public must be involved in making the final decision. • We don’t know how much the Caribbean Court of Justice will cost. We know the Government has to borrow the money to set it up, and Jamaica is carrying too much debt as it is.
The Privy Council gives its services at no cost to the Public Purse. • A final court of appeal should be permanent. However members may withdraw from the Caribbean Court of Justice by giving 3 years notice • Concerns remain about the full independence of the President of the Court, his/her special prominence and the security of tenure of the judges, which are absolutely critical factors. • The judges of the Privy Council are entirely free from any interference or pressure from politicians in Jamaica or the Caribbean • The atrocious state of our courts is a national disgrace.
How can we talk about funding a new Caribbean Court, when our own courts are dilapidated, and lack basic amenities such as proper toilets? We must put our own house in order first. Justice should begin at home. •? Whether you support the establishment of a Caribbean Court of Justice or not, it is your right to express your opinion, and it is the Government’s duty to ask us if and when or whether we choose to replace the Privy Council as our Final Court of Appeal. • The Government should not remove the right of appeal to the Privy Council without a referendum. The Government should not alter our rights

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