Causes of crime by Nathaniel Canton

Causes of crime by Nathaniel Canton. Research Review

            •           Database used (e.g., Criminal Justice Abstracts, Sage: Criminology): Criminology

            •           Search Terms used: Crime, Sources,

            •           What is the reference information?

            •           Title: Causes of Crime

            •           Author: Nathaniel Cantor

            •           Journal Title: Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology

            •           Journal Volume, Issue, Pages: 23, 6, 1029-1034

            •           Year of publication: 1933.

            •           What is the main theoretical issue or what theory is being tested?

The main theoretical issue being tested is that there is no relationship between delinquent or non-delinquent training conduct and religious training.

            •           What are hypotheses?

That what causes an individual to be non-delinquent or delinquent is knowledge, religious, family background and attitude has always been reported.

            •           What are the variables?

            •           Dependent Variable (should be crime or delinquency) : Crime

            •           How is this measured? (list survey items or official data source): Ohio Department of Welfare, Mental Hygiene Association. 

            •           Independent Variables; How are these measured? (these are the theoretical constructs that explain crime or delinquency)

            •           Variable 1: Education or Knowledge

            •           Variable 2: Family background

            •           Other variables: Religious training

            •           What are the conclusions?

Causes of crime by Nathaniel Canton

Based on the study metrics, the researchers concluded that there should be an adequate reexamination of the structure and principle of the political, social, economic, and legal systems because of constant economic, social, and economic life (Cantor, 1933). The studies that link crime sources to be inadequate or lack of religious training, education, attitude, and family background are incredulous of the impact of economic, social, and political changes taking place in the society.

            •           What makes this good research? Bad research? With this, think about the source of the data, what the data are actually measuring, and if the conclusions seem to be reasonable or if they are based upon possibly spurious relationships.

It is not entirely appropriate to say that this is a flawed research. However, the data sources are not reliable since the survey was not carried out. This makes it impossible to assess the other statistical characteristics like skewness, standard deviation, distribution, and uniformity of the data used. Similarly, the study was carried out at the beginning of the 19th century. Therefore, it is not updated on the current situations, thereby making it unreliable in offering conclusive evidence to support its hypothesis (Castro-Rodrigues & Sacau, 2015).

            •           Has this research given you any ideas for how the research could be extended or replicated? (Think about this for your ability to write about directing future research and add this to your overall conclusion section of the final paper.)

This research has given me the ideas of how a research could be extended as the researcher concludes with a call for reexamination of the supposed causes of crime in the society.

            •           How could this research be used to inform criminal justice policy?

It is used to redirect some of the resources aimed at education and religious training to other significant institutions such as job training, economic development, and mental and counseling institutions.


Cantor, N. (1933). Causes of Crime. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 23(6), 1029-1034.

Castro-Rodrigues, A., & Sacau, A. (2015). Judges’ perception on causes of criminality and justifications for crime. European Journal of Probation, 238-256.

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