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Development and Leadership

Working with Individuals 1. Challenges that is likely to be encountered with regard to working with various individuals. a. Cultural differences amongst the PRMC & BRMC threatened the sense of togetherness and belonging that the merger was seeking to create (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). b. One of the challenges for Portsmith is developing a rapid training program for new technologies and address skill levels of individuals (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). c. Challenge for the leadership is to maintain motivated and committed employees while producing superior service and care with the highest quality and productivity during the transition (Fox, 2006).

2. Strategies for assessing individuals’ needs and addressing them a. Utilizing proper assessment to identify areas of motivation and how to influence behavior and obtain best practices and resource….

Leadership Path-Goal Theory

Introduction Leadership is a serious task that has to betaken by those who are able to understand the society in an objective way. Certainly, the idea of becoming a leader requires serious thinking.  Becoming a leader requires efforts that start with personal development and adjustments. There are numerous theories and practices that help the hopeful leaders in becoming the person that they want to be. In the paper to follow, a reflection on one’s ability and self-improving processes would be discussed in the view of the author of this paper. Being a leader is a serious task that requires serious effort and determination to adjust on the part of the person who wants to pursue on being a leader in his or her own field of interest. As….

Leadership and Change

The element of change remains a factor in everyday life within the organization. How to handle change begins with a decision to embrace the implications into an organization’s vision. Incorporating change and a healthy attitude toward change as a core value begins with leadership. A good leader like John Welch provides vision and clarity for the employee. He even instills inspiration in the employee allowing them the freedom to explore and create out of their every day job tasks. Such a leader will be able to communicate issues of change and create a bond with their team. This creates a comfort level that allows for creative thinking resulting in an environment that easily accepts change as a factor. This connection begins at a fundamental level of human sociology….

The Role of Leadership in Organisational Change

In discussing the role of leadership in organisational change, one must first understand the rudiments of leadership and theories that surround it, understand what change is and the essential qualities that a leader must possess to bring about change. Defining Leadership There is much literature and research in the areas of leadership and management with many writers differentiating the two. A common conclusion is that a good manager may not be a good leader. So what is the difference between them? French, R., et al, (2011) says that while managers engage in solving problems and supervising work, leaders do not just instruct people on what to do. Leaders inspire and motivate the people who follow and support them thereby creating opportunities for the long-term. An environment where leadership….

Management And Leadership Essay

The concepts of leadership and management are often used interchangeably. However, the 21st century positions leadership and management as the two distinct organizational categories. Today, management and leadership represent the two different organizational concepts that produce significant influence on the state and effectiveness of any organization’s culture. Apple is a company which, among few others, was able to create a new vision of a talented leader in business. Through the prism of Apple’s experience, a leader is a person who uniquely combines the roles and responsibilities of a talented leader and a hard working manager.

A good leader is the one who creates and maintains a healthy organizational culture through vision, communication, charisma, inspiration, and the desire to win. A leader is a person who can protect the….

Informative Essay on Leadership in the Military

There is surely no more talent nor more hope for the future than right here in this room. I envy you and I wish I could trade places with you, but at the same time, looking at all of you I am supremely confident that here among you sit the future great captains of our military and that we can all be very confident about tomorrow. And I am convinced that if he were alive today, Gen. Marshall would be right here, for there is nothing that that great soldier loved more than to talk about service and to talk about leadership. As he himself once said on a similar occasion, looking across a room full of future leaders, “You’re young,” he said, “and you’re vigorous, and your….

Leadership Managing

Within this report the bold statement “great leaders are born and not made” will be discussed thoroughly. Firstly the explanation of what leadership is and how it differs from managing will be stated. Appropriate theories and examples will be researched and used to critically evaluate the statement. Leadership theories will be discussed and argued throughout the report and the stronger of the theories will be discussed within the conclusion. Also examples of successful leaders within the business world will be used to support each side of the argument being discussed. The conclusion will be a fair and coherent answer as all sides of the argument will be thoroughly researched. Leadership V Managing Leadership and managing are often thought to be the same thing; however, this is not the….

Leadership, Power and Politics: Overview

Conflict,  Management and leadership Conflict is a natural outcome originating due to individual and group interaction. It is a ‘friction’ produced due to emotions and behaviors of people working closely rubbing against each other. When people from various backgrounds and beliefs work together, consciously or unconsciously they try to pass their own principles in work aspects creates conflict. However, conflict is not always destructive or regressive. When well managed and directed, it has great utility in substantially improving an organization’s functional and production aspects, along with helping individuals to evolve a joint  philosophy of work and cooperation. However, poorly managed conflict situation impairs the organizational outcome, creating stress, introducing  dissatisfaction and reducing efficiency.

Characteristics of Conflict The round the clock work schedules, trans-national nature of jobs, and strain….

Situational Leadership

Leadership is as much a function of the situation in which the participants find themselves as it is of the characteristic of a leader. (Discuss) The characteristics of a leader are most important; however, one needs to take into consideration that different situations call for different types of leadership. Previous research by Luccier & Achua (2010) states that different situations need different types of leadership. Therefore, leadership, organisational culture, situational leadership, personality and other traits need to be defined. Furthermore, an exploration of the impact of situations in relation to the characteristics of a leader and/or their leadership style shall be discussed, as will argue how this impacts upon the organisation and its leadership. A discussion of what abilities should be displayed by a leader in different situations,….

Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment Leadership is defined as the process of influencing others to understand and agree about what needs to be done and how to do it, in order to accomplish what you set out to do. People often assume that anyone in a management position is a leader but I find that statement to be false. To be considered a leader, you must have very strong beliefs, and to work hard at your goal and stay focused. A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest ranked executive manager in a corporation and in my opinion one of the most important. A CEO can range from being the founder of a company, the owner of a business, or they have a great significance within the corporation. A CEO’s responsibility….