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Column and Thin Layer Chromatography

Chromatography was used because of its powerful technique in separating mixtures. In this experiment the Chili pepper pigments was extracted using DCM, the extract was then introduced into the column and eluate was collected, a technique called column Chromatography. Using the Thin Layer Chromatography the purity of the components was tested. The UV lamp was used to spot the UV visible components and the Retention Factor was computed. Keywords: Column Chromatography, Thin-Layer Chromatography, Retention Factor ____________________________________________________________ ________________________________ 1. Introduction Chromatography (color writing) is a separation technique used to identify the components of a mixture and to purify a compound. The mixture dissolves in a solvent, the mobile phase, as it passes through an adsorbent material, the stationary phase. Mikhail Tswett developed this process to separate the pigments in….

Analyze the Argument Essay Essay

GORHAM HIGH SCHOOL 2012-2013 41 Morrill Avenue Gorham, ME 04038 Phone: 207-222-1100 FAX: 207-839-7742 Website: www. goghs. org Guidance: 207-222-1102 Athletics: 207-222-1099 Attendance: 207-222-1100 School Nurse: 207-222-1105 GSNP (Food Services): 207-222-1375 Adult Education: 207-222-1095 Superintendent’s Office: 207-222-1000 Gorham High School Mission and Expectations MISSION The mission of Gorham High School is to provide a variety of educational opportunities in a safe, positive environment. Our aim is that each graduate thinks critically and creatively, communicates effectively, reads and listens for understanding, solves problems, acts as a responsible citizen and aspires to and realizes individual goals. ACADEMIC EXPECTATIONS 1. Students will use the skills and strategies of the reading process to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate what they have read. Students will write correctly, using conventions of standard written and….

Price Policy

The purpose of this essay is threefold. First,to identify specific factors and the environment affecting an export price policy. Second, to analyse thisthese factors within our firm and to extract the best decisions given our starting point. Finally, to consider the above and to give guidelines governing thatwhat should be applied in the international marketing price. It should be noted that in some cases due to an information deficiency, assumptions should be madee. “Pricing is the moment of truth” (Stottinger,2001). Probably this affirmation is essentially valid in domestic marketing, even more in international marketing. Surprisingly, the literature in this area is characterized by a gapthere is a gap in the literature in this area. Given theirits importance, pricing havehas not attracted much academic research interest compared with other….

Experiment About Properties and Effects of Osmosis

Introduction The reason of this experiment was to identify the properties and effects of osmosis. Osmosis can be defined as the diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane. (Miller/Levine) Osmosis occurs when there is an area of higher and lower concentration. Osmosis is a type of diffusion. Diffusion is when molecules move from an area of higher concentration to an area of higher concentration. The three types of concentrations are hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic. When in comparison to another solution, a hypertonic solution has a lower concentration, a hypertonic solution has a higher concentration, and an isotonic is when the two solutions have an equal concentration. The experiment tested the relationship between the concentration of an egg and solutions of different concentrations. The hypothesis is that an….

T box

The T- box is a power generated device that harnesses wind energy as trains run over railroad tracks. This alternative form of wind energy produced by trains is very unique, as it does not depend on any natural energy sources. Instead, the energy generated from this device is produced as a consequence of human activity. The T- box device generates energy without any interference of the normal train operation – the device is installed between railroad ties, and is partially buried underground. As the train passes over the device, the wind generated from the train spins the turbine nside the T- box to generate electricity. The T- box contains all the mechanical components required for harnessing, storing and supplying converted power. Hence, the power generated from this device….

Rear Window

Lauren Riley Professor Piana February 26, 2012 Rear Window Last class we viewed the film called Rear Window. The main plot behind this film is the main character, Jefferies, has a broken leg therefore he has to spend 6 weeks in a wheelchair in his apartment. The one form of entertainment he has is to window watch all his neighbors. Jefferies has a girlfriend named Lisa but tells his nurse that he does not want to marry her. After a few weeks Jefferies catches onto his neighbors business. He seems to think one of his neighbors named Thorwall murdered his wife. He gets this perception from weapons being brought into the apartment and a random disappearance of his wife, while some of her belongings stay at the apartment…..

Fall of Icarus Poems

After reading Landscape With The Fall of Icarus by William Carlos Williams and Musee Des Beaux Arts by W. H. Auden, a clear idea is present. Both authors seem to minimize the importance of Icarus’s death, but with what intent? In both poems, self-concern outweighs any intentions to help Icarus. It is clear to me what the authors were trying to express by implying that people simply had their own things to do, too used to disaster to even care about anyone besides themselves. In the Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus, Williams makes it clear that people are too concerned with themselves to notice anything happening around them. That idea started to become present when Williams wrote “the edge of the sea concerned with itself”. This quote….

Mutual Fund in India

Master of Science in Management Specialization in Banking & Finance Research Methodology & Decision Analysis for Business (RMDAB) Assignment 2 Literature Review TOPIC: MUTUAL INVESTMENT FUNDS IN INDIA Student Name: Sangawar Pratik Shankar Batch: MFBD51217A FIN: G1190040U Table of Contents: 1. Background…………………………………………………………Pg. 3 2. Literature Review on Mutual Investment Funds……………………. Pg. 7 3. Conclusion…………………………………………………………Pg. 21 4. References…………………………………………………………Pg. 23 Background a)Introduction The Four Basic Components on which Indian financial system is based on are Financial Market, Financial Institutions, Financial Service and Financial Instrument. One of the most important components of Financial Instrument is Mutual Investment Fund (mutual fund). (Jaspal Singh, 2004) (Mason Dave, 1999) “A mutual fund is a pool of money contributed by numerous investors, the capital gathered is invested to buy a hefty portfolio of securities” There….

Green Mountain Resort (Dis)Solves the Turnover Problem

CSU-Global Campus Organizational Innovation and Change 1. Which of the six change images discussed in this chapter can be identified in the assumptions about managing turnover that were held by Gunter: In the beginning Gunter was taking more of an image of change as a Director as he identified turnover as a problem and attempted to problem solve around this issue. As the story progressed Gunter’s He also became a mentor for began to change with the help of the consultant to more of a Coaching role as his resort became the training ground that other resorts looked for when hiring associates. He also became a mentor for others who were seeking training in providing excellent service in the hospitality industry The hospitality literature: The literature played a….

Heartland information breach

Heartland payments system is a company which deals with payment information for quite a lot of companies. The recent information breach which occurred at the beginning of last year impacted the largest case of credit cards and debit cards. In this case, very many credit card numbers were exposed from the actions of malicious software which resulted to various people being charged wrongly ( According to the magnitude of this case, it was a bit hard to detect the case as the software impeded into the system in a way that could not be detected. It was not until some forensic investigators alerted the management of the activities that were going on and the effect to the MasterCard and debit card holders.

One of the ways in which….