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Keynesian economics essay

In the world Libya is noted to have the highest rate of unemployed citizens. In Nigeria we have the problem of unemployment it has become a major problem. Unemployment Rate in Nigeria increased to 23. 90 percent in 2011 from 21. 10 percent in 2010. Unemployment Rate in Nigeria is reported by the National Bureau of Statistics. From 2006 until 2011, Nigeria Unemployment Rate averaged 14. 6 Percent reaching an all time high of 23. 9 Percent in December of 2011 and a record low of 5. 3 Percent in December of 2006. In Nigeria, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a Job as a percentage of the labor force. John Maynard Keynes who was once a dent of Alfred Marshall introduced what….

Market mix

Plan from the beginning was to build a world-class Motorcycle that could compete with the custom built American race bikes, whilst still being affordable to the masses. With a dream of building a niche motorcycle brand, barras founder Brad Smith set out to find manufacturing partners that could build the ultimate motorcycle with him. As an eighteen year old kid with nothing to offer but a vision, he and an Interpreter visited over 50 motorcycle manufacturing plants; one by one getting laughed out of their offices. Finally he found manufacturing partners that believed in his vision, believed in the brand. We now have what we believe is the best motorcycle range of Its type In the world. We are the only motorcycle brand on the planet with a….

Development Economics Final Exam

1 . Why is the assumption of land as a homogeneous factor of production no longer considered tenable? In classical economics, land along with labor and capital are considered as one of the factors of production. Land is often regarded as the original factor of production because it is found in nature and therefore not produces and cannot be derived from anything else. As a natural good, land was considered the source of wealth thus agriculture was the only sector that could increase it. Thus follows a theory of production from the middle age, wherein production is understood as an increase of matter, which is only achievable through agriculture and the delivery of raw materials. Land as a homogeneous factor is rooted on the following concepts: Land as….

Market Segmentation of Kitkat

Nestle KitKat Cross-platform mobile app The Challenge Nestle is one of the world’s leading FMCG manufacturers. Kit Kat is Nestle’s leading confectionary brand and the UK’s favourite chocolate biscuit bar. Our Strategy Our aim was to create an extension to Kit Kat’s YouTube channel for the smart phone user. The brief was to create an experience which utilises the unique functionality that mobile provides, and Users are asked what mood they are in, and a selection of videos is presented to them. The topics range from a tutorial on how to body pop, or a clip of a Kit Kat advert from the archive. At the end of the video the user is returned to the app to be able to view more inspiring videos and share with….

Noneconomic Measures of Development

Microeconomic Measures of Development – The relationship between economic and social measures of development is direct and proportional. -Conversely, the relationship between social-economic and demographic variables is usually inverse. L. Education – A literate educated labor force is essential for the effective transfer of advanced technology from the developed to developing countries. – The problem in part stems from a national poverty that denies to the educational program funds sufficient for teachers, school buildings, books, and other necessities. II. Public Services The quality of public services and the creation of facilities to assure the health of the labor force are equally important evidences of national advancement. – Safe drinking water and the sanitary disposal of human waste are particularly important in maintaining human health. – Their accepted presence….

Beauty and the Labor Market

Since ancient times, man and woman alike value beauty in the same level as they value their possessions and even their family. This is easily seen in works of art, in works of poetry and other forms of literature that praise beauty. Balladeers have sung its ability to intoxicate more potent than wine and its capacity influence man and his many endeavors. The subject of beauty is very important in human history because the human race is given to marriage and it is the reproduction of children that allows the said specie to continually dominate the earth. It is therefore not surprising how much money and effort is given to the pursuit of beauty and the celebration of the same. In the late 20th century, two men, Daniel….

Agricultural economics

Agriculture is defined as “the cultivation of land for the purpose of producing food for man, feed for animal and fibre or raw material for industrial companies. It also includes the processing marketing of crops. In other words, it embraces all activities involved in the primary and controlled production of plant and animals, such as fishing, forestry, farming, livestock, poultry and small scale industries connected with processing of agricultural products. The agricultural sector forms the background of Nigeria economy despite concerted effort in industralisation.

Agriculture occupies the pride place as the source of livelihood for over 70 percent of the population. It is recognized as a pre-requisite to economic development. With large scale dependence on agriculture for food, raw-material for industries etc, one would expect production to increase,….

Nurger King Project Including Pestel Analysis

Global service economy project Burger King Table of content: 1. Introduction 2. Presentation of the company 3. PESTEL analysis of the company 4. Poters 5 forces analysis 5. Resources Introduction In this project we would like to look from the insight of the Burger King Company and analyse the main factors which affects the progress and development of the organisation, as well as its business future. To accomplish a clear look-up on the company and undertake the analysis we are going to use the PESTEL model and Poter’s five forces model. A PESTEL analysis most commonly is used to measure a market. It can be used for marketing and business development and decision making. There are many factors that affect the decisions of managers of any company. To….

Product Economics and Profitability

In the new product development process the product proposed has already reached the pricing strategy. With the engagement of beta stage the product is at the verge of market pressure to justify the analytical anatomy of the product that will meet the economics of the customers. And it is a mirror effect to evaluate the economics of the product and its profitability for its future growth as well, to develop a feasible financial regime for the economics of the customers. To juxtapose all the sides of the life cycle of the product development process, the paper will evaluate this stage from the standpoint of all the involved overheads. The above mentioned approach includes the strategy of the organization, resources of the new product, the user group and the….

Evaluate the economic strengths and weaknesses of Japanese

The Japanese Keiretsu has kept on growing, there are many definitions of what a Keiretsu are and how they actually operate. Keiretsu’s can be understood by ‘financial Keiretsu’ this one of there meanings. The so-called financial Keiretsu correspond roughly to the post war descendants of the pre-war Zaibatsu groupings. The largest six groups are Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Fiji, Sumitomo, Sanwa and Dai-ichi Kangyo. While some smaller groups exist which are called financial Keiretsu. The term Keiretsu actually refers to the importance of ‘networking’ which is in principle of organizing the economic life in Japan. Networking takes the form of a group of firms associated with the same ‘main bank’, a trading company. The definition of the pre-war Zaibatsu is closely linked to Keiretsu groups but the Zaibatsu were destroyed….