Catapult to Success

Catapult to Success

Catapult to Success. Organizational culture plays a vital role in determining how successful individuals may be in their roles in healthcare and the helping professions, including the value of self-awareness regarding role expectations and management strategies.


This culture has its own unique elements of dominance and non-dominance. Therefore, it is important for employees to be aware of key attributes that may affect their success within the organizational culture.



For this assignment, define these five key attributes:

Communication (i.e. listening, staying calm, expressing empathy, compassion),



Ethical behavior

Critical thinking skills

Catapult to Success


Provide an example of each examining how each attribute can be viewed through a lens which either values or devalues diversity. If your example illustrates a devaluing of diversity, what modifications can be made to create a culture of culture within the institution.

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