Case Study Problem: The Statement of Cash Flow

After finishing learning this chapter, it’s time to test your ability and skills to analyze company’s financial data and prepare the statement of Cash flow.

Read the given company’s 2016 and 2017 financial information.
Prepare the statement of cash flow in form of Word document, Excel or PDF files. (Sample template is provided below if you need to use it)
Upload and submit your problem answers under Canvas no later than Sunday Sep.9 , 2018 @11:59pm. No late work will be accepted.
Total case study problem worth 20 points.
Check detail grading rubric.
Plagiarism and copying will not be tolerated; no credit will be given for any work in question.

Forten Company, a merchandiser, recently completed its calendar-year 2017 operations. For the year, (1) all sales are credit sales, (2) all credits to Accounts Receivable reflect cash receipts from customers, (3) all purchases of inventory are on credit, (4) all debits to Accounts Payable reflect cash payments for inventory, and (5) Other Expenses are paid in advance and are initially debited to Prepaid Expenses. The company’s income statement and balance sheets follow.