case study on net neutrality

need to answer 4 question

 1.This case focuses on the Net Neutrality debate in the United States. Do some Internet research on international views of Net Neutrality and summarize how views of this issue differ within and across other countries.  
3. The mobile Web has added a new dimension to the Net Neutrality debate.  If mobile users can access the Internet through their smartphones, should Net Neutrality concepts be extended to include cellular networks and mobile service providers? 
4. Do some research related to how Net Neutrality has contributed to Internet commerce and online economies. Is network neutrality essential for the continued expansion of online commerce? Why or why not? Justify your answer. 
5. Do you think that Net Neutrality must be maintained to protect freedom of speech and/or preserve democracy? Why or why not?  


Using the Case study 1, write a paper addressing all 5 of  the questions. Minimum word count of 900 words. Provide a minimum of one scholarly reference in your paper (cited and referenced in APA format).

-Double space your paper
-The paper must use APA format (6th edition)
-Minimum of 900 words, excluding any cover page.

Please remember this needs to be in your words.  No cut and paste, No turning in other’s work.  No rewriting with SpinBot. Rephraser, or other tools. Any similarity scores of 30 or more may not be graded.

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