Case Study

Case Study for Issues in K-12 Education 
The materials in this case study are a combination of authentic public domain documents and simulated documents that were created specifically for the case study that draw on authentic research and data from government and scholarly sources, and from the opinions of experts in the field. 
The mention of “your state” is a generic reference intended to be inclusive for any background. 
Your state is considering a required set of education standards that all schools must adopt. You have been nominated to serve on the statewide committee to inform the legislature as to which standards, if any, should be adopted. You will have the opportunity to take a stand on the following issue; does a set of required standards improve or limit education for all students (e.g., general education students, special education, English language learners, gifted learners) in state schools?
Consider the following questions: How can standards be implemented to improve the quality of education for all students in all levels, and types, of classrooms (e.g., general education, special education, vocational)? Is it more effective to adopt district standards, state-specific standards, or national standards?
Once you decide which standards to adopt, what materials, supports, and training will be needed to implement them? How do different stakeholders (e.g., policy makers, government leaders, principals, teachers with various specialties and points of view, students, parents) feel about the issue of standards adoption and implementation?
• Students 
• Professors 
• The board of trustees 
• The college administration 
• Local industry leaders 
• Global industry leaders 
• Local and national politicians 
• Alumni 
• Accrediting body 
Document Set 1 
Document 1: Speech from Higher Ed Symposium on the history of the role of public universities as protectors of societal values and the classical humanities 
Document 2: Report on workforce education and the global economy, with statistics (Public Domain White House document) 
Document 3: Graduate employment statistics that include career and financial data of recent Rogal graduates and Public Domain data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 
Document 4: Letter from the college’s Honor Society for Classics and Philosophy alumni association on the practical and humanistic value of their traditional educations 
Document Set 2 
• Document 5: Paper on integrating practice and theory in higher educational instruction with reference to accrediting bodies 
• Document 6: Public Domain National Endowment for the Humanities Economic Impact Document 
• Document 7: Excerpt from transcript of panel discussion on Transforming and Preserving Education, including a sociological perspective 
• Document 8: Article describing challenges to graduates in skill-based, technical fields, and the importance and applicability of critical-thinking skills
As a leader in education, you will need to be aware of issues that impact the work in your specialization. You will need to be well-informed about the issues and understand their potential impact in your field. As a leader, the position you take on an issue may be influential, so your position should be carefully considered and supported. The critical analysis skills you practice in this Assignment as you carefully examine a case study reflect the types of skills you will use as a leader in your field.

Review the case study that you selected as well as the resources related to analyzing issues and developing and defending positions related to those issues. Examine the information in the case study to identify stakeholders and problems related to the issue. Consider the information you need to obtain to develop a better understanding of the issue and consider how you might locate this information.
Submit a 2- to 3-page analysis of the case study in which you:
· Identify at least two stakeholders and explain their relevance to the issue described in the case study.
· Explain at least two problems associated with the issue.
· Pose at least three questions that will help you gain a better understanding of the issue.
· Explain how you would proceed to obtain the answers to your questions.
Finally post your position on the issue described in the case study. Provide at least three points in support of your position.
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