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 Case Study Assignment: Risk Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Policy Creation

At the heart of Information Governance is planning to avoid future problems. One of the key ways this is accomplished is through risk assessment leading to strategic planning and policy creation. Each of these steps is crucial to the success of the next step. For example, it would be difficult or impossible to create policies without first assessing organizational risk and strategic planning.
Through the use of established risk assessment techniques, an organization can define its assets and move forward to provide protections using best practices and strategic planning. Once key sponsorship roles and responsibilities have been assigned, policies can be defined and implemented so the organization can safeguard itself, its employees, and its important assets.

Information Governance and Healthcare Case Study

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Based on the above case study, write a 2 – 3 page paper to include the below information:

Assign roles and responsibilities for employees at varying levels in the corporate hierarchy
Analyze risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies and policy needs based on best practices
Summarize your findings

Include proper APA citations for any references you use in your research. Ensure you have proper spelling, grammar, and mechanics throughout your writing.

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