Case Analysis on Domestic company

Case Analysis on Domestic company. Offshore Cost Cutting
You are the CEO of your domestic sensor company and must resolve the difficult
problem of meeting increased demand, despite working capital limitations and restricted
manufacturing output
The challenge for corporations which hire offshore manufacturers is to provide effective
oversight of their supply chains. This is especially true when a supplier is stationed at a
distant location.
In this case, you are presented a very brief email trail of a perceived problem within a
firm that is outsourcing to an offshore manufacturer. In order to analyze this case
properly, you will need to make multiple assumptions and it is imperative that you fully
disclose those assumptions. Your analysis should demonstrate the following skills and

  1. Caseeffective mechanically correct writing
  2. advanced critical thinking
  3. a sound ethical foundation for whatever business decisions you recommend
    You should remember that decisions are based upon one’s understanding of the
    situation, constraints, and requirements. I recommend that you conduct a bit of
    research – the quantity and quality of the research you conduct is your decision, as is
    your utilization of the research to support your analysis. However, ensure you properly
    cite your research according to the American Psychological Association (APA) writing
    style guide.
    You should begin your analysis with a discussion of perceived problem – from your
    perspective is it currently real or is it simply a potential threat or is there really no issue
    at all. If it is real, how/why did it develop? This should at least give you a place to begin
    your analysis.

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