Case #1: 692 Your Fav. Ethical Company

Select a company you admire and complete a brief essay describing how ethically attentive do you perceive this company is.   Do a little research first-  have a look at the company’s mission and also have a look at what news or controversies or accolades are out there about your chosen company.  
Submission Instructions:

This essay should be about 500 words in length.   Make sure your name is in the header of the document and include page numbers.  Follow APA formatting in your references and the general APA conventions on the document (sans-serif 12pt font like Arial, Helvetica or Century Gothic, 1″ margins, etc.). 

Grading Rubric 
Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.
Very Proficient:
Thesis is clearly stated and developed; specific examples are appropriate and clearly develop thesis; conclusion is clear; ideas flow together well; good transitions; succinct but not choppy; well-organized.
Most information presented in logical sequence; generally organized but better transitions between ideas is needed.

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