Career Alignment

In this lesson, we discussed the importance of aligning your career and financial goals. Now that you have identified your desired job titles and financial goals 3 months, 18 months, and 5 years from now and you have compared your desired salary to the average salary for these titles, you can figure out whether your financial and career goals are a “match.”
Begin by writing a paragraph on each of your three goals. Give details of each goal including (1) Why you have decided to set this goal, (2) How you plan to accomplish it, and (3) How you will know that you have accomplished this goal, (4) the date upon which this goal will be complete, and (5) the weekly or monthly steps you will take toward the goal. Each of your paragraphs should be 5 – 7 sentences in length.
Next, write a brief reflection (8 – 10 sentences) on whether your career goals are in alignment with your financial goals. Be honest with yourself! If there is a big difference between your financial goal and the average salary for your job title, then your goals are NOT in alignment.
If they are in alignment, then great! Tell us what your plan is for continuing to work toward those career goals you have set.
If they are not in alignment, then tell us how you plan to adjust:
Will you lower your financial expectations? If so, then explain why it’s worth it to you. (For example, you could write, “I love animals so much that I am willing to adjust to a lower salary if it means I can be a veterinary technician.”)
Will you adjust your career goals? If so, how? (For example, you could write, “I will research other jobs that involve animals, but have a higher salary than a veterinary technician.”)

My career goal is to own a small restaurant. Please do this according to goals and plans for that.

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