Capital Punishment effect on Victims right to life

Capital Punishment effect on Victims right to life. Practicing capital punishment deprives the victim of their right to live, which is against human rights values upheld in the United States. According to Wei, he states that it found it grounds in traditional times and their sense of understanding; therefore, in this era, which is more progressive and modern, it is outdated (533).

With the introduction of human rights and the high potential for improving legal systems, the abolishment of capital punishment is justified. Consequently, the offender’s execution is immoral and unfair, while different options can be looked into rather than killing, which is irreversible.

Faulty Judgement

Death penalty is unjust because the offenders to be convicted sometimes are innocent and cruelly killed for faulty court judgements. According to American Civil Liberties Union, it argues that non-guilty are often subjected to capital punishments, and from 1973, 156 people were released in 26 states after realizing they were not guilty initially. Courts often make judgments from the skills of the attorney, the race of the victim, how much money they have, and so forth. Therefore, there is a high probability of convicting the innocent being convicted to unfair death sentence.

Capital Punishment Effect

The United States has undertaken capital punishment to discourage criminal acts, the act of revenge to heinous acts offenders have done, but it should be done away with thus safeguarding the lives of these offenders. The reasons it should be abolished are that its practices impoverish democracy in the states; the innocents are persecuted. It goes against human rights in the states. The termination of capital punishment would give offenders a chance to prove their innocence or amend their prison ways. The United States needs to come up with successful ways to minimize crimes and how to come up with various options of punishment rather than the latter. 

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