Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is also known as death penalty, it is a legal punishment that is practiced in 27 states in the united states while only 21 states can execute capital punishment, with the other 6, as well as the federal government, being subjected to other types of punishments.

There has been a discussion on whether death penalty is a legal practice because according to American civil liberties union it believes that death penalty should be abolished because it violates the constitution which has banned the cruel punishment of civilians by law enforcers. The other reasons why they oppose capital punishment are, the death sentence is not done fairly, it is also a waste of taxpayers’ and lastly many innocent people are executed.

Capital Punishment

One of the reasons that capital punishment should be abolished is unfair. The reason is most of the affected people are from low income backgrounds. This is because they cannot afford good lawyers to conduct credible cases. According to United Nations of human Rights from the office of the high commissioner (2017) says people living in poor backgrounds are affected by the death penalty because they are easy targeted by the police, they cannot afford a lawyer and the legal assistance they might get is of low quality getting evidence is mostly beyond their means and also trying to find witnesses is expensive, and also getting court appeals mostly depends on you being able to afford extra lawyers.

The other reason why capital punishment should be abolished is sometimes innocent people get convicted and later get killed. Later it is found out the convicted person is not guilty and it ends up being too late. The families have to go through a rough time because somebody dies it cannot be reversed. According to liebman from the university of Colombia in Chicago evidence was discovered that Texas may have executed an innocent man in 1989. His name was Carlos Deluna and was executed for stabbing in Texas. But the evidence uncovered by two reporters cast doubt on Deluna’s guilt and it points to another man who had similar crimes and also confessed to the murder. (2014)

Capital Punishment

Lastly death penalty should be abolished because it is a clear waste of tax payer’s money. The people doing the punishment are paid by taxpayers and also the methods used to execute the murders cost money. There are other methods in which a convicted felon can be punished for example long jail sentences which is way cheaper. According to Harris she said that Califonia would save $150 million a year if it replaced the capital punishment with long life sentences without parole. That money can be used elsewhere like improving healthcare and building schools. (2020)

In conclusion as the reasons given above, capital punishment should be abolished and other methods instead should be used. These other methods include, long life sentences without parole also helps instead of ending someone’s life. And in case someone is convicted for an offence he or she has not done the prisoner can go free.


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