Can smartphones ever be “sustainable”?

Can smartphones ever be “sustainable”? Case Study: Can smartphones ever be “sustainable”?.pdf ( Attached file.)

Based on your understanding of concepts from the course readings and using the case mentioned in the above example answer the following questions.

Q1. Using the lens of agentic and political nature of natural resources, comment on Fairphone’s sense of progress as it accounts for complex supply chains and minerals in its production. Discuss at least one way in which Fairphone is limited in operating within the same ecosystem as the Big Tech.

Q2. Explain how Fairphone addresses or is implicated in each ecological concern (Blood Coltan and Rare Earths, Informational Sweatshops, and Powering Digital Culture) detailed in Escaping Attention and whether they are successful or not in doing so?

Q3. In your opinion, does Fairphone incorporate principles of ecological ethics in its business practice? Why or why not?

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