C++ programming

Due about 5 hours from now……
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General Instructions:  When you are finished with any part, or when you have questions, please raise your hand to let the instructor have a look. You may work with partners on this lab; please list them at the top along with your personal information.  Each student is responsible for his or her own submission.    
Please ask questions whenever you have them.  You may also email me with further questions after the lab period.  
When you are totally finished, please submit through blackboard.  You are free to depart after you have completed the assignment, but I encourage you to work with other students at that point.  Helping others to understand will help you to reaffirm your knowledge!   
Assignment Overview:
For this assignment, we are going to add two functions to a doubly linked list implementation for a list of students.  The Node / studentList classes and main function have been defined for you, but two functions for studentList need definitions:  insertionSort and reverseList.  
As part of the lab we’ll also walk through the other algorithms presented here and possibly expand upon it further.
Assignment Parts:
A) Download the attached files, create a new project and add the class files as appropriate / set up your application file.  

B) Inside the studentList implementation file, complete the definition for the reverseList function.  Helpful comments and some code are provided to get you started.
C) Inside the studentList implementation file, complete the definition for the insertionSort function.  Helpful comments and some code are provided to get you started.

Submission Instructions: 
Submit through this blackboard assignment. 
Submit with a single submission.  For this assignment you only need to submit your modified studentList.cpp file.  This should be the only file you need to modify.
You may resubmit up until the final deadline–I will grade only the most recent submission.   Make sure that each submission includes all files.

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