C# Coding Assignment- Visual Studio (MUST USE THE ATTACHED SHELL) Full Instructions Attached

Three different colored drones are each flying at a different velocity and location away from their home takeoff point.  The map below shows the situation.

The xy-coordinates are locations measured in meters from the 0,0 home position, and the drones’ velocities are measured in meters per second (m/s).  
You need to determine how long it will take each drone to fly home given their respective velocities. 
Use the provided code shell below and build a console program:    
Create a class named MyDrone to represent drones. The required data fields are number of rotors, velocity, x coordinate location, y coordinate location, and a String for color.  Use a static class variable for color.  You will need to provide the class method implementation for the properties and a method getTimeToHome() for computing the number of seconds it will take each drone to fly home from its given position.  This will require two calculations.  First, you’ll need to determine how far from home the drone is.  This is done with the below formula:

Once you know the distance from home, you can determine how long it will take to fly there by dividing that distance by the drone’s velocity.  Return that time from your getTimeToHome() method.
The outline of the class is given as follows:

Write the code in main to create three MyDrone objects. Assign each drone the following paramters:  
Drone 1: 4 rotors, 5 m/s velocity, at x 50, y 50, red
Drone 2: 6 rotors 12 m/s velocity, at x -45, y 25, green
Drone 3: 8 rotors 10 m/s velocity, at x 10, y -55, blue
Drone 1 should be created using the empty constructor, while Drones 2 and 3 should use the constructor requiring parameters.  Display all properties of each objects along with the time it will take each to fly home.  Format the time so that it displays only two decimals.  Format the output for your three drones so that it looks like the below example (which only shows 2, but you get the idea – and, no, it doesn’t have to be green text):

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