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BUSN 204 Final Exam over Tesla

BUSN 204 Final Exam over Tesla.   
BUSN 204
Final Exam over Tesla
Spring 2019

Essay questions.  You MUST give an informed answer No short answers, in other words! 
Each question should have 100-250 word answers/

Read the Tesla case in the textbook (ATTACHED), look at their website (they are so much more than cars)(LINK BELOW), and also check the news because their quarterly earnings report came out on the 24th. (LINK BELOW)


Essay Questions: (ATTACHED)

1. Use Porter’s Five-Force Model to analyze the electric vehicle industry. How would you  describe the industry right now in terms of its maturity, stability, etc.? (20 pts.) 
2. Discuss the structure and controls used by Tesla (20 pts.)
3. Identify and discuss the threats you see coming at Tesla.  (10 pts.)
4. List and explain five things that you think give Tesla a competitive advantage over the  competition. (10 pts.)
5. Discuss Tesla’s corporate-level strategy. (10 points)
6. Discuss Tesla’s business-level strategy. (10 points)
7.  Discuss Elon Musk and his strategic leadership style based on chapter 1 of the  textbook. (10 points)
8. Because Tesla is a first mover in the electric car portion of the automobile industry, it is  leading the way in setting standards. Why could having more viable competition  actually help Tesla in achieving both efficiencies and effectiveness? (10 pts.)

BUSN 204 Final Exam over Tesla

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